ESPC Signup and Login Process

Re-design of a responsive signup and login flow for ESPC's public-facing website

UX Design
Re-designed flow - Desktop and mobile versions
Live project

About the project

Re-design of the sign-up and log-in screens and associated pages of ESPC’s website to increase the number property buyers and sellers who are casual users of the site.

Final design showing in desktop and mobile screens

Project deliverables

  • Research of competitors’ applications and interview users and stakeholders
  • Proto-personas and presentation of best practices from other renowned websites
  • Wireframing and prototyping of all responsive screens
  • Final UI design, including hand-off and presentation for stakeholders
  • Analysis of future steps that also need update to achieve the overall goal of increasing user registration
Signup screen as currently shown on ESPC's website


  • Overall lack of hierarchy
  • Outdated buttons
  • Input fields offer no feedback to users
  • There are repeated set of options
  • Alignment to the left instead of centred
  • No ‘stay signed-in option
  • No colour highlights or visual cues
  • Little white space between elements
  • Option to Log in appears between other elements
  • Mentions an ‘app’ that cannot be found in app stores
  • Button colour is not consistent with the website
  • Social Media buttons on sign-up and log-in screens have different styling
  • Lack of animations or any elements that catch the user’s attention

Problem statement and challenges
User journey map
Competitive analysis
Competitive analysis (cont.)
Initial sketches of the proposed redesign
Example of wireframes for the proposed redesign
Final UI design for signup modals in desktop view
Final UI design for signup screens in mobile view

Summary of changes

  • Overall modern feeling with optimised white space
  • Social Media and Call-to-action buttons are consistent across the website
  • CTA pop-up screens and buttons are easy to identify while remaining non-invasive
  • Benefits of using My ESPC are clearly highlighted
  • Pop-up screen catches users’ attention
  • Stay signed-in option added to the registration page
  • Options to Create an account and Sign in are clearly divided by tabs
  • Copy is concise and to the point, avoiding specific mentions of the app and website

Suggested next steps

  • Improve My ESPC layout to match the sign-in screens
  • Allow users to download Home Report and schedule property visits without re-entering their information
  • Modify individual property pages to reinforce bookmarking feature and change the ‘register to view’ copy that can confuse users who are already signed in

Final design for login screens in desktop and mobile views

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