ESPC in-store advertising screens

UI design for in-store screens fed with property listings from that could be accessed by scanning a QR code

UI Design
Design of interactive screens for ESPC offices
Live project

About the project

Instructed to design the layout of an in-store screen with a resolution of 1080x1920 px that could be fed property listings from and incorporate a QR code that viewers could scan to access the listings online.
After interviewing stakeholders about the required content and business goals and researching how the screens would be viewed in person at the store and from the outside, the screens were wireframed and reviewed with the developer assigned to the project and the Head of Marketing. The final UI design was prepared for hand-off to the developer after approval from the business owner.

Final UI design

Project deliverables

  • Research of screen type and size and distance from viewers
  • UI design that could be fed with property listings from including viewers being able to scan a QR code
Wireframes for different screen layout options
Design iterations
Final UI design implemented on the in-store screens

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