ESPC in-store advertising screens

UI design for in-store screens fed with property listings from that could be accessed by scanning a QR code

Research, Ideation, Wireframing and UI Design
Project scope
From concept to UI design and hand-off to developers
Figma, Adobe CC
Worked with Marketing staff and a developer
2 weeks


ESPC has a showroom located in Edinburgh city centre. Potential buyers inquiring about properties and passers-by can check the big screens situated in the store. Some of these screens are used to advertise property, while others are used to promote third-party services.

Project summary

Problem statement

📺 Some of the screens were too small to showcase properties correctly, and as they were old, they also had technical problems. It was decided that a new design layout was needed for an in-store screen with a resolution of 1080x1920 px that could be fed property listings from and incorporate a QR code that viewers could scan to access the listings online.

Users and audience

  • Buyers: People looking for the first or next home and also property investors that might visit or pass by ESPC's showroom

Roles and responsibilities

I was the sole designer for this project. I was responsible for:

  • Conducting research to understand how to create a design that could incorporate QR codes that people could scan from outside the showroom.
  • Creating wireframes to iterate on the design options and get stakeholder feedback.
  • Create the final mockups for the UI design and hand-off to the developer for implementation.

Scope and constrains

From research and concept ideation to UI design and hand-off.

Final UI design for ESPC in-store screens
Final UI design


Ideation and wireframes

After interviewing stakeholders about the required content and business goals and researching how the screens would be viewed in person at the showroom and from the outside, the screens were wireframed and reviewed with the developer assigned to the project and the Head of Marketing.

This included:

  • Research of screen type and size and distance from viewers
  • UI design that could be fed with property listings from including viewers being able to scan a QR code
Wireframes for different screen layout options
Design iterations

The final UI design was prepared for hand-off to the developer after approval from the business owner.

Final UI design as it was implemented in the showroom screens
Final UI design as it was implemented in the showroom screens


This was one of the first projects I was assigned after joining ESPC. Thus, it was an excellent opportunity to get to know the web development team and showroom staff while also learning how to create a design that people will see on the street and interact with.

Some additional specific takeaways include:

  • Consulting with the developer on how the screens were fed with content from the property portal.
  • Understanding how QR codes can be used in real-life environments and the required distance and size for this feature to work correctly.

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