SPC Certification Learning Website

Created the user flow and interface design of a responsive learning website to house a learning path of various courses that solicitor estate agents need to complete to obtain a certification granted by ESPC and the Law Society of Scotland

Ideation and UI Design
Project scope
Responsive website design and UI design within WordPress
Figma, Adobe CC, Balsamiq, Wordpress
I worked with the Head of Technology and a product owner
2 months


As part of its Quality Charter initiative, leading Scottish property marketing company ESPC has launched a certification programme for solicitor estate agents that serves as a quality standard to train member firms on topics such as estate agency and marketing, conveyancing for non-conveyancers, property law and building construction.

Project summary

Problem statement

📚 While member firms’ staff attended the SPC Property Practice Certification courses in person, they needed access to the materials and take-home exercises. This required such content to be housed online so content creators could upload lesson videos and assessments and learners could complete them and download any study materials.

Users and audience

This website serves a very niche group of users:

  • Solicitor estate agents staff: Property professionals looking to upgrade their own and their firm's credentials.
  • ESPC's business development staff: In charge of uploading the live session videos and various lesson and assessment materials.

Roles and responsibilities

As the sole UX/UI designer for this project, I was responsible for:

  • Conducting competitive research to understand how to create a frictionless learner experience based on similar solutions already on the market.
  • Creating wireframes and prototypes to iterate on the app's interface and user experience.
  • Collaborating remotely with product owner and the Head of Technology to request content, validate design flows and hand-off designs.
  • Refining the design based on stakeholder feedback.
  • Implement the design in WordPress using the Elementor and LearnDash plugins.

Scope and constrains

The project focused on creating an easy-to-navigate learning website with all the required features, including user sign-in, curriculum navigation, uploading and downloading content, and completing assessments. Limited time and resources allowed only a straightforward implementation using WordPress to host the website.

Final website design - Hero section
Final website design - Hero section


Ideation and wireframes

Asked to ideate the layout and user flow of a responsive learning website, I interviewed stakeholders about the required content and business goals.

I also researched basic learning websites online, particularly those created using LearnDash.

The pages were wireframed based on initial sketches provided by business owner and developer and taking into account that the developer was creating the site using WordPress and the LearnDash plugin.

Example of the sketches provided by product owner and developer
Example of the sketches provided by product owner and developer
Mid-fidelity wireframes for the website's homepage
Mid-fidelity wireframes for the website's homepage
Mid-fidelity wireframes for the one of the module's lesson plan
Mid-fidelity wireframes for the one of the module's lesson plan


Assistance was provided with UI design aspects directly on WordPress to bring the design to life and incorporate the branding elements created for the certification.

The final product consisted of:

  • A clear and modern-looking responsive website that describes all relevant information about the courses on the homepage and houses the four courses, including lessons, materials and video sessions.
  • A responsive design that adapts well to desktop, tablet and mobile
  • A design that includes the branding elements created specifically for the certification.
Final UI design for the homepage
Final UI design for the homepage after stakeholder feedback
Final UI design for a course's lesson plan
Final UI design for a course's lesson plan after stakeholder feedback


This was the first project I was assigned after joining ESPC. Thus, it was an excellent opportunity to get to know the Development and Business Development team members while also learning about the industry and the member firms that are part of the organisation.

Some additional specific takeaways include:

  • Organising work with the developer as we were both editing the website in WordPress simultaneously.
  • Requesting content in advance to stakeholders as they can take time to obtain them from third parties.
Published website's final design
Published website's final design

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